Херсонесская тетрадь



On the occasion of inauguration of the Packard Laboratory
in the National Preserve of “Tauric Chersonesos”


Great Chersonesos has long ago rested in peace
And many waters have flown from the time of its demise
Like a cloud, without the moisture …
To the arena
Of history, came today people
For honest answer
To give to their destiny;
Among the remains of Chersonesos
They search for signs
Of life which came to an end
A long time ago,
Life which does not really
Differs that much from our own?
But with a favorable wind
From many countries, every year
Come here
To see the Chersonesos stones, the people sent by Packard
And Carter
A happy archeologist, who waits with them
For the answer …
But there is something that will always stay a secret …
A map
Of Chersonesos which became eternal
Like ice
The thinnest ice under our feet …
We happily,
Like children, walk on it today …
And who will see,
That at this moment something new begins
A new ebb-tide is coming …


Alexei Telenkov
The National Preserve of Tauric Chersonesos, Sevastopol
Translated from Russian by Inna Shtakser